greenacre cbt



Self referred  £80.00 per session.


Fees reduced if recommended or referred by a GP.


Insurance paid treatment - negotiated with Insurance Providers.


Video online session - Price on application


For more information please contact Joy Scholes on 01462 700220 or email

 Joy Scholes

“I was quoted a very low fee for some CBT counselling therapy. After two sessions when I felt I was not going anywhere, I contacted Greenacre CBT.  It was clear in my first session with Joy that I had not had CBT previously,  despite being told I was receiving  CBT.


With Joy I received clear scientific explanations for my anxiety and how my brain was reacting to the trauma, and a clear treatment protocol. I realised why the difference in fees and the need to find a BABCP accredited therapist if you want CBT.  I could check with the BABCP that Joy was accredited. It was worth every penny!”