greenacre cbt


Male, aged 53

"Joy seemed to very rapidly "get" me and my difficulties. She helped me in making links to the past to better understand why I am like I am, but then quickly moved on to the more productive and practical aspects of the here and now, what we can do to fix things today and for the future. Joy has helped me to view my life differently, feel more positive about myself, take responsibility for my own "stuff" but not for other people's, to believe in myself once again. I feel that I am developing tools that will help me in dealing with whatever life throws my way in the future, always a work in progress but overall very empowering."


Female, aged 55

"I came to Joy about six months ago, having been diagnosed with depression. From the age of about six I lost my self confidence and self esteem. This affected my childhood and the whole of my adult life to date, with missed opportunities, endless anxiety and ever increasing bouts of depression. I am now 55. I've never given up on myself though, trying to find the answer. Joy, via CBT was my answer. When I met her I was virtually a recluse, had few friends, trapped in a job I hated and with a mind that was bringing me down. She's enabled me to break free of what kept me trapped in a downward spiral, to deal with my demons, and to gain control of my life. I have a new job that I love, I'm meeting people again, and am well on the road to the life I love. The answers were in me all the time, but she helped me to find them, and for that I can't thank her enough.


Male, aged 38

“Following quite a severe mental ‘breakdown’, Joy’s work, help and CBT techniques enabled me to successfully tread a road to recovery. Joy helped me regain control in my life, return to work and achieve a sense of normality far sooner than doctors predicted. Thanks to Joy and CBT techniques, I am now living and, perhaps more importantly, enjoying life again!”


Female, aged 60 

“I thought I was the only person who was anxious. I had been like this for most of my life. Greenacre CBT helped me realise that this was not unusual and I could deal with it. I now go out without thinking about it – a year ago all I could do was go down my drive.”


Male, aged 35

“I was referred via my insurance company after I was involved in a serious road traffic accident with my work colleagues. For three years I avoided everything, changed my job and only did absolutely necessary journeys. I was also an anxious passenger.


Joy explained about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how it was affecting me, and outlined how we would work together to help me get over my fears using properly researched techniques.


By the end of the treatment, I had driven past the accident spot with no problems, local trips were easy, and I was going on motorways again, something I never imagined I would do. More importantly I became a much better passenger and can cope with other people driving me around.


I feel like I've been in a dark tunnel for three years, and now I have started to see the light. My wife and family feel they have got me back from a very dark place.

I wish the insurance company had arranged this sooner.”


Male , aged 45

“The change in my way of thinking and the benefits it has brought to my life have been astounding since I have been to Greenacre CBT. I had seen counsellors before and they could all give me an opinion of “why I felt like I did”, but none of them could educate me in the “how to change how I feel”, this is where CBT is different. CBT seems to focus more on the HOW and not on the WHY, the why is not so important, it’s in the past you cannot change the past, but you can change how you view the past and more importantly how you view the future. I would recommend anyone who has a need for counselling to try CBT. It works and more importantly it worked for me when all other avenues had failed."


Female, aged 35

"Talking things through with someone knowledgeable has been extremely helpful in overcoming depression and learning to live with unavoidable life stresses. It's been particularly good to learn about known patterns of thought and behaviour, to recognise myself in the situation, and to learn about and then try out better ways of dealing with things. 


For me CBT has been a lot like having music lessons - while I've still needed to put in the practice and hard work, it's been very helpful to receive support and guidance from an expert who can see patterns which I might miss, give me directions as to what exercise to try next, and give an outside view of my progress."