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  • BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
  • BABCP Accredited Supervisor of CBT Psychotherapists
  • BACP Accredited Counsellor


Joy has been practising  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for over 10 years. She became fully accredited as a CBT psychotherapist in 2008, after commencing CBT training in 2004.  In June 2010 she became an accredited Supervisor of CBT Therapists.


She commenced training as a psychodynamic counsellor in 1998 and is also an accredited counsellor with the BACP. Her practice now uses CBT, NLP and Mindfulness CBT. Prior to her career as a psychotherapist she was a management consultant in human resources and organisational development.


Joy has worked for 10 years in the NHS and private practice. In 2008 she was clinical lead in NHS Bedfordshire on the Improving Access to Psychological Therapy programme, and from 2012 until her recent retirement she worked as a CBT Psychotherapist in NHS Hertfordshire IAPT programme. Prior to joining  IAPT she provided CBT for 10 GP surgeries in Bedfordshire.


She now runs a private practice providing CBT to patients and clinical supervision in CBT for qualified therapists and those in training. She is a clinical supervisor at the University of Hertfordshire on the post graduate Diploma in CBT. Additionally she can provide clinical supervision to people working in caring professions using CBT techniques in their roles. All her therapy work is clinically supervised in accordance with the BABCP Code of Conduct.


Joy's aim in all of her work is to bring a pragmatic and compassionate approach which draws on her knowledge of the latest research in CBT,  including Mindfulness.


Professional qualifications

 BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


 BABCP Accredited Supervisor of CBT Psychotherapists


BABCP Accredited Counsellor 

 Joy Scholes

"Joy seemed to very rapidly "get" me and my difficulties. She helped me in making links to the past to better understand why I am like I am, but then quickly moved on to the more productive and practical aspects of the here and now, what we can do to fix things today and for the future. Joy has helped me to view my life differently, feel more positive about myself, take responsibility for my own "stuff" but not for other people's, to believe in myself once again. I feel that I am developing tools that will help me in dealing with whatever life throws my way in the future, always a work in progress but overall very empowering."